lundi 27 septembre 2010

xs 650


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  1. This is the best looking xs650 build I have seen so far. I initial saw the bike on YouTube. You nailed the stance and rake of it. I have a xs650 too and I have a couple questions if you don't mind answering. What size are the rims and tires? Is the back an 18" rim on the original drum hub? Are you using the original front forks lowered or are these from another model bike? The front drum brake looks awesome, what model is it from? The tires look like old firestones I think, what size are they? Is the rear suspension stock or are the shocks a different height? I don't want to copy your bike exactly, I just want to end up with the stance you achieved in this build. It looks a lot like the sr400's and sr500's from the bratstyle website. Most xs650's have a lower rear than front stance I don't like. What you did made it sit just right. Thanks, Rob.